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Tuesday, 13 September 2011 Printer Friendly Version

Economic ruin seems the order of the day for many countries at the moment. This economic setback comes from overspending, or spending vital funds on frivolous projects. The USA is famous for “pork barrel” projects which to many seem utterly foolish and useless. Britain is much more of a welfare state than is the USA, making many goods and services “free” for its citizens – and even for new immigrants. The US Congress has received many new representatives who seem to be bent on cutting the wild spending which the present administration favors so highly.

Everyone remembers the street riots of a few weeks ago in which the youth of Britain spilled into the streets protesting a significant rise in university tuition charges. Mr. David Cameron’s government is striving to get its disbursements under control but these kinds of protests make it difficult. Britain is dragged eown with huge state debts, a large running deficit along with semi-nationalized banks.

The Obama administration in the US has markedly increased spending since 2009 when Mr. Obama took office. His bent is decidedly more socialistic than any previous president – a factor which was not apparent during his run for the office of president. Actually very little was evident during his campaign as he ran on the platform of “Change,” not making clear what kind of change he wanted to make. Many of the folk who voted for him have been bitterly disappointed in his performance. Both Britain and the US have been irresponsible in handling their incomes of late. Like families who overspend, a day of reckoning eventually comes when one has to live within his budget.

Isaiah 63 pictures Messiah in His conquest of Bozrah (Edom), and his lament that, … of the people (nations) there was none with Me. Not that He shall need assistance, but the complete lack of any national sympathy with His conquest is indicated. Significantly, NONE of the nations offer aid to Him.

We believe these excesses of spending shall result in the complete emasculation of Britain and the US to the extent that they shall be severely limited in any external (foreign) activities, and that if either one even desires to assist Israel in its Endtime conflicts they shall not be able to do so.

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